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The Church, Culture & Leadership

This morning, as we continue our series Church & Culture and talk about The Church, Culture & Leadership, I thought it would be interesting to ask this question: Is the term “servant leadership” an oxymoron?” The Corinthian Christians have lived under largely selfish, self-seeking leadership models in their culture, and despite what they saw in P...

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The Church, Culture & Wisdom 1 Corinthians 2:6-16

Have you ever had the opportunity to get some kind of inside knowledge about something ….. OR ….. had some kind of inside experience? One of the deepest human desires is the desire to be on the inside—the desire to be in the know, to know something that other people don’t know. C.S. Lewis called this “The Inner Ring.” In reference to...

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The Church, Culture, and the Cross: 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

Question: If you could give God one piece of corrective wisdom, what would it be? This is our tendency: to assume that we have a similar kind of wisdom as God and begin to question His wisdom on things when we don’t seem to think things are working. This is where the Corinthian Christians are. They’ve been questioning God and His wisdom by rhetorically asking...

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The Church Called Out of and Into Culture: 1 Cor. 1:1-9

We started a new sermon series this week: The Church & Culture...

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Material Partnership

This past Sunday we talked about what it means to be a material partner at the Village. Here, the Ayers family shares about how God provided for them through their church family....

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Relational Partnership

This past Sunday we learned about what it means to be a relational partner at the Village. Here Seth Gruber shares about his experience in community as a relational partner at Village Church. ...

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Missional Partnership: Scott & Katelyn Cheo's Story

This past Sunday we took a look at what it means to be a missional partner at the Village. Here is Scott and Katelyn Cheo sharing about their experience being partners on mission in their every day life....

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Theological Partnership | Matt & Kimberly Bowman

What does it look like to be a theological partner at Village Church?...

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A Word from Pastor Dave

Dear Village Church, It’s a joy to join the elder team here at The Village! There are so many things I appreciate about The Village Church—among them are the solid and engaging biblical preaching and teaching, the relevant and vibrant worship, and the warm and inviting church family we have. Over the past couple of years, I have particularly appreciated th...

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A Word from Pastor Reuben

Before coming to Village Church, we found ourselves looking to find a new church to call home. Having been so invested in and committed to our previous church for our entire Christian lives, this was not easy. Visiting churches week after week, I found myself being critical of everything that was “different” from what I’d previously known. Months went b...

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