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Pastor Matt Sonnenberg on Partnership & Pastoring

Village Church, It is my joy to be a pastor at the Village Church. Every time I step foot into church on Sunday morning, I am blessed. I love seeing people who have a true and deep love for one another, working together to glorify the Lord. I love seeing the amazing family that God has assembled. We are a diverse group of people with different strengths, abilities and ...

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Pastor Aaron on Partnership & Pastoring

Village Church, I am blessed and honored to be called alongside the fellow elders at the Village Church to partner in shepherding you. It has been my family’s joy to be a member of the Village Church for the last 9 years. When God called us to the Village shortly after Kristin and I got married, it was an easy decision to make the Village Church our home because o...

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Pastor Jacob on Partnership & Pastoring

At my core, I’m a reluctant leader. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not serving out of compulsion (1 Pet 5:2), but the responsibility is what my nature tends to recoil from. Can you relate? I can identify with Moses on some level – he was fearful, rash, dodged responsibility, unsure of what to say, prone to errors in judgment, sometimes a bit whiny (it&rs...

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Material Partnership - The Stocktons

I get to write the checks! I know that sounds funny, but I really love to be able to write the tithe checks and slip them into the offering boxes at the back of the church. I get a kick out of this very private, ‘between us and God’ action every other week. I didn’t always feel that way though. I came to the Lord when I was 25 with not a dime to my na...

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Pastor Mike on Partnership & Pastoring

What does Jesus have to say about partnering with him on mission? James 1:26-27 says a lot about where Jesus’ heart is and where our hearts can be. “If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit o...

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Material Partnership - The Ayers

What does an authentic Gospel-centered Community look like when it comes to material partnership? Acts 2:44-45 gives us a glimpse of such a community. “And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it?...

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Pastor Matt on Partnership & Pastoring

What is it that excites me about not only being a Village Church Partner, but a Village Church Pastor as well? There are so many things. Just so many things. Where would I even begin? For the sake of a good reference point, let me begin with the days leading up to the Men’s Advance of 2011. As I prepared for my preaching that year, I read Darren Patrick’s b...

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Pastor Dan on Partnership & Pastoring

We live in a world that is incredibly well connected and engaged yet tragically alone. Very few people have deep, meaningful relationships. That’s one reason I am excited to partner with you and to serve as one of your pastors. I want to continue to build relationships at the Village that are saturated in gospel thinking and acting. I want to live out the gospel i...

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Relational Partnership - Samuel Choi

What Do Gospel-Centered Relationships Look Like Between Churches? Friendship Friends care, give, forgive, listen, support, and do life together. What a friend we have in Jesus! Indeed, through the friendship centered on Jesus, I believe pastor Matt Kyser and the leadership at The Village Church have demonstrated such friendship centered on the gospel. I remember meeti...

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Relational Partnership - Johnny Pederson

I first attended The Village Church on a Sunday in September 2012. There are two particular things that happened that morning that are not only specifically memorable but, proved to foreshadow my future experience at The Village Church. I was fifteen minutes early like most people visiting a new church for the first time. While thumbing through my bulletin, Pastor Matt c...

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