Sunday Service Times: 9:00 & 11:00 AM


Who We Are

Our vision is to DECLARE the truth about Jesus, TRAIN one another to Jesus, SERVE people like Jesus and PLANT churches where people need Jesus.

We see thousands of Christians in Orange County and the world committed to declaring the truth about Jesus, training one another to Jesus, serving each other and the world around us like Jesus and planting themselves, community groups and churches so others could come to know, love, follow and serve Jesus.


Our God is a God who declares – in creation, His covenants, the coming of Jesus, the church, and one day at the consummation.  Because of this, we see thousands of people who are committed to declaring the truth about Jesus and His Gospel in a bold and loving way to a culture that would rather discuss or debate it.  This begins in the pulpit with preaching and teaching that is declarative and deeply focused on Jesus and the Gospel.  The preaching will clearly and consistently present the truth of the Gospel in such a way that someone who comes is deeply challenged by it, but can easily understand it, and joyfully respond to it.  This declaration then reaches from the pulpit into the pew.  We see thousands of men and women who understand the message of the Gospel clearly, and are on mission to declare the Gospel passionately, first to each other, then to the world around them.  These are people who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but are overwhelmed by His goodness to them and can't help but declare the reality of Jesus always and everywhere.


Our God is a God who came to train us, disciple us, to Himself, that we might be with Him and be like Him.  Because of this, we see thousands of people who are being trained, discipled, to Jesus and to be like Jesus.  We see a people consistently engaging in both formal and non-formal training and discipleship – never stagnant, always moving forward, always being more with Jesus and looking more like Jesus.  We see leaders discipling people to Jesus, not to themselves, and discipling people to be like Jesus, not just like themselves.  We see a church full of disciples who are making disciples, not just a church of attenders who are bringing attenders.  We see a church where everyone is being trained, moving forward, and moving out on mission with and for Jesus.


Our God is a God who came to serve, not to be served.  Because of this, we see thousands of people who are sent out on mission like Jesus, to serve like Jesus in their homes, neighborhoods, offices, communities and the world.  We see a people serving one another in the spirit of Christ, and in turn serving those outside the church in the spirit of Christ.  We see a people that understand the posture of the Master and who assume the same posture with the people they encounter everyday, and in the everyday ordinary circumstances of life.  We see a church filled with people who understand just how well Jesus has served them, and are then excited to serve others well as Jesus has served them well.  This will make everything about their everyday, ordinary lives different.  They will be people marked by a selfless attitude, constantly asking themselves how they can serve others as Christ would serve them, in even the most mundane activities of everyday life.  This kind of selfless service will be a irresistible and irrefutable example of just how deeply they understand Jesus and His Gospel, and have been trained to and by Him.


Our God is a God who planted Himself and His Church among us.  Because of this, we see thousands of people who are sent out on mission, planted in their homes, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, dorms, offices, teams and anywhere else Jesus calls them to live or linger.  We see people who understand Jesus and His Gospel, have been trained by Him and to Him, and who are serving like Him, infiltrating every open space in our culture.  We see a church filled with people who are not waiting for them to come to us, but who are ready to go to them.  We see a church filled with people who can’t wait to plant themselves in the place Jesus calls them to.  We see a people on the move, ready to ‘go’ into neighborhoods, offices, networks and associations for the sake of planting a Gospel witness there.  We see thousands of people strategically planted all over Orange County and the world to intentionally declare the truth of Jesus, train others to Jesus, serve those around them like Jesus and send them out to do the same.  We see thousands of people strategically planted, leading to hundreds of community groups strategically planted, leading to dozens of churches strategically planted.  We see a movement of people who are on the move with and for Jesus and His Gospel and who are never looking back.